“How can we change the rotational speed of an engine to a more appropriate value?”
A large portion of modern complex mechanical devices use engines of some sort to generate rotational motion. However, usually the speed of said motion is too small for any practical purposes. So how could we channel the kinetic energy to artificially increase the speed? Well, let’s think back to a very old concept, gears. Gears are special because of you were to take a large gear and connect it to a smaller one, any motion induced in the first one would be amplified in the second, and vice versa for the opposite direction. So what if we were to take this system and apply it to engine mechanics? Well, this gearbox setup is not only possible but is also one of the primary components of automobiles (to be used as transmission between the engine and the drivetrain) and wind turbines (translating the heavy torque low speed motion of  wind blades into a faster RPM necessary for large energy generation)

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