State of the Blog 2017 address

State of the Blog 2017 address


Dear fellow science fans,


Many of you may not know this, but today is a very special day for me, and I would like to take some time to for something I have not done before and give a “state of the blog” address.

        Exactly one year ago, I was going through a very tumultuous period in my life. But I had only thing on my mind. To improve as much as possible. I had realized that one area of myself that needed drastic improvement was my writing ability or lack thereof. To put it simply, I could not write coherently to save my life. This ineptitude had led me to butcher my own university applications,  deny myself scholarships, and struggle with writing intensive classes.

        But these experiences had made me realize something, that not being able to write was practically a disability! Writing allows us to convey information to others not in person, and in the modern digitalized society that we live  And so, I wanted to give myself the power to communicate with the outside world. To accomplish this, I decided that I would have to write every day. To keep it interesting, and to make sure that I would keep things in line with what I am studying at school I decided that I would base my writing around science.


And so was born the science blog that you see here in front of your eyes.


        What I thought would be a simple gimmick turned out to be one of the most practical educational tools I have at my disposal. Writing about science every day gives me a chance to expand my knowledge, solidify material learned from the lecture hall, improve my writing skills, connect with other scientifically minded people and give back to the global community.

However, like any cognisant individual, I realize that if I am to stay successful, I must always keep improving and never get complacent. Recently I had an epiphany, that a good portion of the most successful people inhabiting this planet have one thing in common; they have a variety of divergent interests but they have configured them to be convergent on one overarching passion that defines them. To illustrate; Elon Musk is passionate about many many different subjects such as physics, computer programming, and economics, but he instead of pursuing each one as a separate activity, he has merged all of these different elements together to serve as fuel his role of being one of the premier technology entrepreneurs on this planet.  Steve Jobs held an eclectic range of interest ranging from Zen Buddhism to calligraphy, but he had extrapolated he learned from these fields to apply to computer technology. Albert Einstein was enamored with many passions such as the violin, sailing, and his Jewish culture, but he always knew that his primary role was to be a theoretical physicist.

        So I thought that it would be logical if I were to do the same. Now, my current professional trajectory is leading me to a career in sustainable engineering. And since I am quite new to the field, I have this burgeoning desire to become not only an expert but an authority on all matters renewable. So I have decided to give this blog a focus on sustainable energy! From now on, at least 5 out of every seven days of the week will be dedicated to sustainable energy or some form of engineering. I will still be writing about a myriad of different scientific fields as I have done before (requests will also be gladly taken!) but I know that I need to specialize myself to succeed. If you are a regular follower, then you have probably already noticed this trend. Even though I am very new to this field, I think that if I work hard that I can have a lot to contribute

        In addition, From now on, on January 21st of every year, I will be giving a “state of the blog address” summarizing the progress made since the year before and vocalize any new direction this blog will take. However, I will always keep to my old self, and continue on my “act first talk later” approach to internal changes (So keep tuned for more excitement!)

        Before I sign off today, I would like all of you to take a look at an assessment I completed on the economic infeasible of continuing to rely on non-renewable energy, I can assure you that it will be worth all time put in

        Who knows what the future has for us? I wish everyone the best year possible, and may we all experience exponential growth during these tumultuous times!



Isaac A. Gendler

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