Day: January 29, 2017

Vehicle to grid technology

Vehicle to grid technology

Vehicle to grid technology


“Could we use the batteries of electric vehicles to power our homes?”


Renewable energy has a problem. The peak times for generating such power (mid-day) is often not in sync with the peak stress on the grid (sunset, when solar energy is no longer available), and local battery storage can be quite expensive. So how can we circumvent this issue? Well, let’s use our engineering mindsets to solves this problem. One of the main problems stems from the lack of affordable energy storage. However, many sustainability conscious individuals also own electric vehicles. And in these electric vehicles are electric batteries which often times have excess energy. So what if when these cars were parked at night, they would feed energy back into the local smart grid to power homes? Well, this is the main idea behind a system which researchers refer to as vehicle to grid technology, which is not only environmentally friendly but economically with the use of net-metering.