Day: January 10, 2017

Series hybrid car drivetrains

Series hybrid car drivetrains

Series hybrid car drivetrains


“How can we create a more hybrid car drivetrain more efficient for busy traffic?”


Parallel hybrid car drivetrains are wonderful contraptions, but they come with one downside. Much of the efficiency benefits gained from electric vehicle technology are lost during busy “stop and go” traffic, where the internal combustion engine will impinge upon the other components. So how could we get around this problem? Well, let’s use our engineering mindsets to solve this problem. We know that the inefficiencies only come along when the ICE is in use. So what if we were to create a system in which we could control the amount of power that the motor receives from the battery and ICE? Well, it turns out that this concept has already been put into practice as a series hybrid car drivetrain. The operating principle behind these mechanisms is that an onboard computer will measure the speed and acceleration of the vehicle, and use predetermined algorithms to control the power intake of the ICE vs the battery. Due to the larger power requirements, series hybrid car drivetrain systems require a larger battery and motor.