Day: January 11, 2017

Series/parallel hybrid car drivetrain

Series/parallel hybrid car drivetrain

Series/parallel hybrid car drivetrain


“Can we combine both the series and parallel hybrid car drivetrains?”


Both series and parallel hybrid car drivetrains offer their distinct advantages and disadvantages. The exclusionary principle of the series drivetrain allow for greater efficiency at lower speeds, while the combined efforts model of the parallel drivetrain allow for a smaller battery. However, would it be possible to combine both types in an attempt to have our cake and eat it too? Well, it turns out such a wild idea is indeed possible through the use of a series/parallel hybrid car drivetrain. These drivetrains are set up so that the electric motor and internal combustion engine can operate independently of the condition of the other. This allows for much greater efficiency than either component acting completely discrete or in union. However, these systems will come at a higher cost, making it prohibitive for many individuals to purchases such systems. Perhaps one day, the cost of the systems will plummet to the point that they will threaten to encapsulate the entire market.