“What happens to electronics when they wear out?”


Electronics are embedded into the fabric of everyday life. Whether it be in the computers we work with, the batteries to run our cars or the smartphones that we use to communicate with our friends. However, after a while, these items will become worn down by continual use and must be discarded.  So how exactly does the waste process for electronics work?


Before we begin any process, we must recognize that electronics have toxic chemicals. These chemicals make it particularly difficult for dealing with electronic waste in any normal sort of fashion since improper disposal in a landfill can wreck hazards on the local environment. Since electronic waste fits into its own special category, such material has been labeled as E-waste.


To properly get rid of E-waste, individuals must bring it to a special E-waste processing facility. These units can intake all discarded electronics such as monitors, cell phones, radios, televisions, and computers and recycle all useable parts. E-waste facilities are a great way to deal with hazardous electronic waste.

2 thoughts on “E-waste

  1. Totally agree with what you said when electronic goods are embedded into our daily life once they reached the end-of-life it is important to recycle instead of dumping it to landfill. Consider the pollution problem generated by the e-waste that will eventually affect our well-being, finding a trustworthy organization or private recycling company is essential when doing recycle. Apart from that, it can also donate unwanted or old electronic devices to help other people to extend the use of those devices. Thank you for your article to raise the awareness on e-waste! If you have time, check out our post and let more people know more about recycling e-waste!

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