Net metering

Net metering

Net metering


“How can renewable energy sources give back to the grid?”


Grid connected renewable energy systems can easily receive energy from local power generation units when there is a deficit. However, would it also be possible to send over energy to the grid when there is a surplus? Well, let’s think about it. If electricity can be received from a power generation station (such as a coal plant) one way, then wouldn’t it be logical to send electricity generated (such as from a solar panel) the other way? Furthermore, since individuals are billed for every time they receive electricity from the grid, couldn’t individuals bill the electric company for this activity? This is the fundamental idea behind net metering, which uses a bi-directional meter to measure the net energy received/given off by a housing unit to determine the compensation. Net metering has already spread it’s away across the United States, and hopefully one day the entire world!

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