Spherical Sun Power Generators

Spherical Sun Power Generators

Spherical Sun Power Generators

“Is the only thing we need for the next solar power revolution  just a simple change of geometry?”
The current design of solar panels have a distinct bottleneck; their rectangular geometry leaves them inefficient for obtaining solar power from the sun since the sun’s rays will be in a sub-optimal direction for most of the time. Solar trackers can also be inefficient and are prone to damage in the rain, so how can we completely transform the way we collect solar power? Well, let’s use our engineering mindset to figure this out. Our goal is to make the design of our solar producing unit so that the sun can be in an optimal angle at all times. If we think back to our geometry class, then we will remember that a sphere is symmetric from all directions. With this knowledge, the German architect Andre Broessel created a Spherical Sun Power Generator. The setup works as follows: A supporting structure will house a spherical lens. This spherical lens will have a dual tracking system structure at the back of it. In this tracking system will be solar cells, which will receive ample sunlight as a result of the focusing effect from the spherical lens. These spherical sun power generators allow for twice the conventional yield in a much smaller surface area, allowing it to even absorb the reflected sun light from the moon!

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