Day: February 25, 2019

The Coordination Problem

Hello! This 2nd post in Matt’s Math Mondays is concerns a problem in first order logic. I reckon many of you have not taken an in depth course so this might be a little bit difficult. However, there is without a doubt in my mind with some elbow grease, you will be to understand and appreciate the problem!

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Quantum Dots for Solar Panels

Quantum Dots for Solar Panels

Quantum Dots for Solar Panels


“Why are quantum dots for solar panels so useful?”


Quantum dots are bringing a revolution into the world of semiconductors. And since semiconductors are the backbones of solar panels, things will be greatly changed for them as well. The extra emissivity offered by quantum dots means that two and possibly three electrons can be generated for every photon received, vastly increasing its potential! Quantum dot solar panels can achieve as much as 65% efficiency, nearly double of the theoretical limit of normal panels. This is why Quantum Dots for Solar Panels are so exciting.

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