Anti-Bourdon Tubes

Anti-Bourdon Tubes

Anti-Bourdon Tubes


“How can we improve upon the Bourdon tube design?”


Bourdon tubes are excellent for measuring pressure in a pipe. However, due to their C shaped geometry and oval cross-section, they can be difficult to manufacture. So how can we use our engineering mindset to solve this problem?


Well, luckily for us, there is a solution out there called an Anti-Bourdon Tube. An Anti-Bourdon tube has an initial circular cross-section and straight body.  However, the hole is not centered in the center of the tube and is instead located more towards another side. When fluid is used to fill the device, the tube will expand and bend towards the thicker side. This bending motion can then be used to turn a gear to read the pressure. Anti-Bourdon Tubes are easier to fabricate than their regular counterparts, making them a good choice for pressure measurement projects.

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