Bourdon Tubes

Bourdon Tubes

Bourdon Tubes


“How can we measure a tube’s pressure without sensors?”


Most engineering systems built in the modern day use a great variety of sensors to achieve quick and easy measurement. However, how can we accomplish a pressure measurement in a tube using more old-fashioned methods? Well, let’s use our engineering mindset to learn more about a shrewd device known as a Bourdon tube.


Bourdon tubes work as follows. A hollow, oval-shaped tube will be wrapped in a “C” shape. As air moves into the tube, the profile will fill into a circular geometry, causing a contraction. When the end of the “C” moves downward, a link connected to a sector/pinion will move, turn a gear that turns a pressure dial which allows users to read the measurement of the total pressure.     


In a way, Bourdon tubes are fundamentally like an inflatable glove. When air goes through, the hand will inflate and turn the dial.


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