Day: December 4, 2017

The Ideal Diesel Cycle

The Ideal Diesel Cycle

The Ideal Diesel Cycle


“How can we analyze a diesel engine?”


For better or worse, diesel engines are one of the most utilized technologies across the world. And as engineers, it would be logical to analyze how they operate. When a diesel engine starts, it draws in a fluid at a constant pressure. Afterwards, this fluid will be compressed in an adiabatic manner in Stage 1. Then, more heat is added in Stage 2. The system will then spark and go through an adiabatic expansion in Stage 3. Heat is then removed from the system in Stage 4. When everything is completed, the fuel will be ejected. This cycle is known as the Ideal Diesel Cycle and is used by Mechanical Engineers around the world for energy analysis (as well as undergraduate engineering students to power their way through thermodynamics!)