Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers


“How can we stop unexpected vibration from occurring?”


When working as an engineer, one has to look out for many unexpected vibrations occurring when designing a machine. With this in mind, how can make a system to integrate and solve this problem? Well, lets think about it for a moment. We know that vibrations have kinetic motion, which means that they have energy associated with them. And we also know that we can transfer this energy into other forms such as heat. So how about we create a device that transfers this vibrational energy into other forms of energy? This is the operating function behind a shock absorber. Shock absorbers work as follows. When a shock occurs to a machine, springs are attached to the part to absorb this energy and become compressed. Since this compression will store unbalanced potential energy, it must release itself. In order to prevent all of the energy from spilling out, the shock absorbers will now come into play. The shock absorbers will be constructed as a piston with oil in a tube, all inside of the spring. As the spring moves, it will cause a force on the piston, which will in turn cause oil to be forced through tiny holes in the piston that will precisely control the level of resistance to motion, therefore transferring much of the enegry in to heat. Automobiles make great use of shock absorbers, where they control the up and down motion of a wheels vehicles.

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