Day: January 30, 2019

How a Toyota Hybrid System Works

How a Toyota Hybrid System Works

How a Toyota Hybrid System Works


“How does a Prius receive propulsion from both a battery and a conventional engine?”


Toyota Hybrid Systems are able to draw upon both its battery and internal combustion engine for propulsion. The motor is directly powered by the battery while the internal combustion moves a generator to produce electricity. These are both combined in the power split device that varies the energy from the engine between electrical generation and driving according to the current needs. The energy generated is regulated by a Power Control Unit. The extra energy is fed back into the Battery.


The engine and motor are used in different combinations depending on the needs of the moment. During the starting phase and low-speed driving, the motor is completely in control. During acceleration, the ICE is used for propulsion. During normal driving, the engine is used to charge the battery. During deceleration, regenerative braking is performed to charge the battery. 


This is How a Toyota Hybrid System Works.


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