Fire Resilience in the Bay Area

Fire Resilience in the Bay Area

Fire Resiliency in the Bay Area


“How can the Bay Area Adapt to Climate Change-Induced Fires?”


The climate is changing drastically around the world. Temperatures are rising, and dry areas are getting drier. And one of the hardest-hit places right now is in Northern California. As a result of the (as of writing) on-going Butte County Fire, smoke has filled the air of the San Francisco Bay, making it deadlier to breathe in than New Delhi! And with the warming climate, things are only going to get worse.


But things can be done about this. To build resiliency against future fire-related disasters, The Bay Area can enact stricter fire codes, install more ventilation systems in buildings, create underground tunnels between critical infrastructure areas so people can avoid air pollution, and have N95 mask distribution stations. This way, Fire Resilience can be built in the Bay Area


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