Absorption Heat Pumps

Absorption Heat Pumps

Absorption Heat Pumps


“How can we make a heat pump without using electricity?”


Heat pumps usually operate because of electrical energy. However, sometimes we may not have a constant supply of it. So how can we design heat pumps to compensate for this? Well, let’s think about it using our engineering mindset. Normal heat pumps work by taking a refrigerant (commonly ammonia), pumping condensing and depressurizing it, and exposing it to outside air to increase its temperature and evaporate it and then returning to its original state through the use of a mechanical pump. Our non-electricity driven Absorption Heat Pumps diverge by stuffing the ammonia directly into water after evaporation and pumping up the pressure through a low power compressor. Absorption heat pumps require a gaseous form of energy such as solar fuels and can be commonly found in industrial and commercial edifices.

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