Displacement Ventilation

Displacement Ventilation

Displacement Ventilation


“How can we make an air ventilation systems that relies upon pulling natural air?”


Air ventilation systems typically rely upon controlling artificial air to supply co into a surrounding environment. However, this can consume a large amount of energy and can make a large amount of noise. So how can we use our engineering mindsets to fix this problem? Well, we know that at all times buildings will have clean air surrounding it. And if we could get some of this into our building, then it would make the internal environment much nicer. So what if we were to use diffusers near the floor of an edifice to siphon outside air at low velocities into the interior, and then let the waste heat rise and recycle it into the exterior? Well, this is the fundamental concept behind displacement ventilation. Displacement ventilation is quite popular in Scandinavian countries.

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