Chilled Beams

Chilled Beams

Chilled Beams


“How can we make Air Conditioning without using any electricity?”


Air conditioning systems are excellent for cooling a building, but they come at a steep price in terms of a large electricity usage. So how can we use our engineering mindsets to solve this problem? Well, let’s start by thinking about two fundamental physical heat phenomena. The first involves one of the primary components of practical heat transfer, heat exchangers, which can cause two different fluids to change their temperatures by placing them right next to each other. The second principle involves the fact that cold air sinks and hot air rises. So what if we were to cycle cooled water near the ceiling of a room to cool the surrounding air, therefore letting the hotter air rise and decreasing the temperature of the lower parts of the room? Well, this is the fundamental idea behind a technology called Chilled Beams and is a very popular setup in Europe and Australia (and increasingly in North America!)

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