Radiative heaters

Radiative heaters

Radiative heaters


“How can we make heaters that do not require a surrounding medium?”


Heating is a common need everywhere. However, sometimes our surrounding medium might not be a good heat conductor or we may not have a medium at all! So how can we make a  heater which is not affected by the surrounding environment? Well, let’s think back to basic physics. We know that infrared is a form of light, and light is able to pass through anything. So what if we were to take some metallic wires, wire them around an element, and then apply electricity to heat the element to emit infrared? Well, it turns out that this invention is a little device known as an infrared heater. Infrared heaters are classified by the wavelengths they emit (ranging from 760 nm down to a minuscule 1 nm!) and are used everywhere from cooking kebab to warming outer space missions.

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