“What makes tires so useful?”


        The vast majority motorized vehicles on this planet are able to transport passengers because of one simple invention, tires. However, what specific properties do they have that make them so useful? Well, let’s find out using our engineering mindset.

To begin, let’s analyze what makes a tire a tire. Tires are composed of a combination of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric, and wire, fashioned with a thread and a body. Once manufactured, tires are threaded with grooves to provide traction, filled with air to provide buoyancy, and finally fitted onto vehicles.

        Tires are well regarded around the world for their strength, flexibility, and cost. However, some downsides associated with these tools are their tendency to hydroplane (when a tire runs over a damp surface and become uncontrollable) and their production and decomposition process can be destructive to the environment (particularly if they are burned)

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