Traffic barriers

Traffic barriers

Traffic barriers


“How can we control the flow of traffic away from dangerous road elements?”
Personal vehicle transportation is one of the most used forms of transportation throughout the world. However, due to the autonomous nature of such machines, drivers can non-intentionally make collisions with errant road elements such as trees, boulders, and walls, or even the air if they run off an elevated freeway! So how could we change roads to make them much safer for general use? Well, let’s use our engineering mindset to figure this problem out. Well, we know that one way to stop an object from moving is to have it collide with a rigid object that will absorb all of its kinetic energy. So what if we were to take this idea and put it into reality? This is the exact type of thinking behind something known as a traffic barrier, which can be seen omnipresently around roads throughout the road. Examples of traffic barriers range from the exotic guard rail to the tiny traffic cone!

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