Grid islanding

Grid islanding

Grid islanding


“What happens when a solar powered system experiences a blackout from the surrounding grid?”

Solar panels are truly an exquisite technology. Not only do they allow for energy independence from oil, but they also allow for energy independence from the surrounding grid! Because solar panels are self-sustaining, if you were to hook enough up to your residential area, you could provide enough electricity that you would not need to take from your local electric company, and even have enough to supply energy back! There is one large disadvantage to this, however. If a blackout were to happen, the electric grid would go down except for self-generating units such as solar panels, which would be islanded. This technology would continue to funnel electricity to the grid, an action that would open the potential for injury to repair workers. As such, most modern day solar panels come equipped with anti-islanding technology to prevent such a case from happening.  

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