Day: December 14, 2016

What happens to topsoil when it becomes overused?

What happens to topsoil when it becomes overused?

Topsoil erosion


“What happens to topsoil when it becomes overused?”


The topsoil of the earth is indisputably one of the most important factors for human agriculture. But what would happen if such a fundamental material erodes away? Well, as scientific thinkers, it would only be logical to take a look at it. Topsoil can be carried away by a multitude of natural processes such as wind, water, and ice. However, nature is not alone in diminishing the supply of useable soil. In fact, the leading cause of topsoil erosion is human activity! By committing to unsustainable processes such as overgrazing (by putting too much animals on open land, the creatures will overeat the grass and stomp on much of the useable dirt), overcropping (when too much agriculture is harvested in an area, the large multitude of plants will over consume the nutrients of the soil, inducing a vacuum of natural provisions), and deforestation (a lack of dead leaves will accompany a lack of trees, which in turn will cause a loss of nutrient supply, inducing soil aridity). The loss of usable topsoil will make land for agricultural work unavailable, which in turn will trigger grave economic and social instabilities. Since topsoil will often take 1,00 years to grow back, such a vital resource must not be seen as something yo be nonchalant about.Topsoil erosion is one of the most imposing existential issues our civilization has on hand, with a United Nations official stating that humanity may have only 60 years of farming left if this process continues at the current rate