Press brake

Press brake

Press brake


“How can we using machines to bend metal to a specified shape?”


Metal is one of the most omnipresent materials used by humanity. However, before it can be used, it must be bent. And not only that, but to suit the quantity of our civilization’s needs, we must do it on an industrial scale. So, how can we accomplish this? Well, what if we were to use a machine dedicated to bending metal? This is the operating principle behind a Press brake. Press brakes work as follows. The machine will have two main components,  a platform for the sheet of metal to rest upon, and a brake that is used to bend the metal. The brake is powered by a servomotor. When activated, the brake will be lowered and apply a pressure to bend the sheet of metal into the user’s specifications. The platform will then move the sheet of metal along, to repeat the process to create a piece of metal designed to the user’s specifications. Press brakes can make all sorts of metals such as cold-formed steel.

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