Abbreviated electron configuration

Abbreviated electron configuration

Abbreviated electron configuration


“What is a simpler way to present electron configuration?”


Electron configuration is one of the most fundamental aspects of chemistry. However, it is also one of the most tedious. Why would you want to write series and series of numbers and letters just to represent one element? Well, how about we look at some patterns in the periodic table to help us out. We know that orbitals are only completed when all of the subshells in that level have been filled, and this phenomena only occurs in non-ionized noble gases. An when we advance past a particular noble gas on the periodic table, the whole naming process will start over again (for example, after helium [He] the second orbital will start,and after neon [Ne] the third will start). Since we would know all of the subshells filled up to that point, how about we just list the subshells that come after the last noble gas? For example, titanium [Ti] will become [Ar] 4s2 3d2. This notation is much easier to read and understand than the old drawn out notation.


Well, luckily for us, chemists tend to be a fairly intelligent people, so they have instrumented a system known as abbreviated electron configuration to help us. Abbreviated electron configuration

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