Screw thread

Screw thread

Screw thread


“What do those grooves on screws do?”


Have you ever wondered what those helical grooves on screws do? I mean, they need to have some sort of purpose, or else why would have mechanical engineers even have included them. Well, believe it or not, the functions of these groves, usually termed screw threads, is to convert between rotational and linear force, therefore enabling the entire operation of a screw!  This is as a result of the screw thread helical geometry, since the thread both wraps around and along cylinder, a rotation against object will cause it to be pushed into the object. The power of screw threads are contingent upon how close the grooves are to each other (called the pitch) and the diameter of the grooves (called the lead). When the lead undergoes a full rotation, the screw will move the size of the lead. Because of these properties are so important to functioning, screws are classified by the size of their pitch and lead.

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