“What is a simple way to ensure that fluids can be transferred without leakage while under compression?”


In modern machinery, fluids are often transferred when under compression. However, this action often leads to fluid leakage, so how can we design an apparatus that allows us to safely transfer this fluid . Well, let’s think about at using our engineering mindset. Well, often times it is the compressed space surrounding the mechanical transferring parts that causes the leakage. So wouldn’t it be logical if we just added a new part in between this space to prevent any unwanted interference? Well, this is the operating principle behind a very fundamental piece of technology called a gasket. The design of gaskets are usually made out of soft materials such as asbestos, aluminum and copper. The design and material makeup of gaskets is contingent upon the substance needing to be sealed, the operating temperature, and the geometry of the conjoined parts. Gaskets are often prone to be worn out after continual use, and must be replaced. Gaskets have many ubiquitous applications, most notably in car engines. In some applications, gaskets are being phased out in favor of sealants. 

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