Hydrothermal vents

Hydrothermal vents

Hydrothermal vents


“What are some geographic anomalies near underwater volcanoes?”
Underwater volcanoes are quite fascinating structures, but does the presence of these mechanisms cause the creation of other alien-like structures? Well, it turns out to be true. If you were to look at underwater volcanoes near spreading ridges and convergent plate boundaries, then you will find a very interesting series of structures known as hydrothermal vents. Hydrothermal vents are fissures in a planet’s surface that are produced when hot magma from the underwater volcanoes meet the near freezing seawater and reemerges from the surface. The seawater produced by hydrothermal vents can reach temperatures of over 700 degrees Fahrenheit! These unique conditions of hydrothermal vents are actually the living space for many communities of extremophiles. Hydrothermal vents are actually a unique discovery, being found only less than 40 years ago.

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