Underwater volcanoes

Underwater volcanoes

Underwater volcanoes


“Are there such things as underwater volcanoes?”

Volcanoes are some of the most bewildering natural structures of the earth. They’re big, they’re ominous, and most importantly they spout lava. But is there an underwater equivalent to them? Well, not only do these structures exist, but the vast majority of volcanoes are actually beneath the ocean! The reason for this is that volcanoes form near tectonic plate boundaries, and since most of these plate boundaries are in the ocean, the plurality of volcanoes end up being underwater volcanoes. In fact, underwater volcanoes make up such a high proportion that around 75 percent of all magma deposited is done by underwater volcanoes!  Most of these structures occur in a belt that wraps around the pacific ocean known as the “Ring of fire”.

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