Quantum superpositioning

Quantum superpositioning

Quantum superposition          01/27/16
One of the most riveting facets of Quantum mechanics is the phenomena of Quantum superpositioning. Objects on the Quantum mechanical scale become contiguous with one another upon collision, analogous to waves superposition. Consequently, Matter on the quantum scale has no definite location, instead being in probabilities of locations, such as being 30 percent in one part of space and 70 percent in another. This phenomenon has a sumptuous application to the world of Computer Science in the form of quantum computation. In a classical computer, informations can only exist in true forms, true or false. However, with a quantum infrastructure, information can be a superposition of forms, therefore, it is possible to have data stored as 2/3rds true ⅓ false. This has praxis with regards to higher complexity algorithms. To visualize an example, imagine an algorithm’s whose purpose is to find the quickest way out of a maze. A conventional program would willow through each path individually, while a Quantum computer would be able to solve all possible routes simultaneously! The NSA and google are already investing in such machines to do the jarring task of spying on people.

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