Cryonics         01/26/16

We are now approaching one of the most controversial and (in)famous fields of science, Cryonics. To put it simply, Cryonics is the attempt to put organisms who have (currently) insoluble medical predicaments in an impassive state under low temperature conditions. The paramount theory behind the practice is that because many biological processes are quite literally “frozen in time” from low temperatures, combined with the fact, long term memory, personality, and identity are preserved in hardened cell structures in the brain, patients may be retrieved from cryopreservation at a later date when medical technology has advanced far enough to rescue them.

Many of the contentions that plague the success of Cryonics are quite grisly in nature. Cryonic preservation is usually achieved at around 77.15 degrees Kelvin (around the boiling point of liquid Nitrogen). Damage from ice formation at such levels can be potentially lethal. All and all, in my view, Cryonics is an outgrowth of one of the most primordial facets of human desires, the attempt to evade impending death.

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