Earthquake Aftershocks

Earthquake Aftershocks

Earthquake Aftershocks


“What are earthquake aftershocks and why can they be so lethal?”

When earthquakes occur, it’s often talked about as if it’s just a big one-time event. However, minor adjustments along the fault that slipped can occur soon after and induce Earthquake Aftershocks. These earthquake aftershocks can cause great damage to already weakened infrastructure. The over 2,100 aftershocks that occurred in the 2023 Türkiye–Syria Earthquake were a primary reason why so much devastation occurred.

As of writing, victims of the earthquake are continuing to face great difficulties in their daily life. To make a difference, please make a donation to organizations such as the Syrian White Helmets and the Anatolian Arts Institute Earthquake Relief Fund. My friends are also connecting donations to small municipalities and vetted organizations through the venmo account @earthquake-relief. Anything you send will go a long way.


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