Day: February 8, 2023

The 2023 Türkiye–Syria Earthquake

The 2023 Türkiye–Syria Earthquake

The 2023 Türkiye–Syria Earthquake


“What happened in the 2023 Türkiye–Syria earthquake?”

On February 6th at 04:17 am Istanbul time, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Southern Türkiye and Northwestern Syria. The event was so strong that it caused structural damage as far away as Cyprus and Israel. Multiple aftershocks followed that only wreaked more devastation. This was the most deadly earthquake recorded since the 2011 Japan Earthquake that ruptured the Fukushima reactor.  

As of writing, the death toll has surpassed 11,000 and is rapidly rising. Many of these fatalities are due to the pulverization of infrastructure caused by the Syrian Civil War and corruption in the Erdoğan regime. Many civilians are still trapped under the rubble in brutal cold and need help with rescue. To help the victims of the The 2023 Türkiye–Syria Earthquake, please send donations to the Syrian White Helmets and the Turkish AKUT Search and Rescue Association.