Türkiye’s Earthquake Tax

Türkiye’s Earthquake Tax

Türkiye’s Earthquake Tax


“Why does Türkiye have a special earthquake tax and how can you help recovery efforts?”

In 1999, a devastating earthquake near Istanbul claimed the lives of more than 17,000 people in Türkiye. To fund future recovery work, the government introduced a special earthquake tax called the Special Communications Tax. By charging a fee on the use of internet and mobile phone telecommunications, Türkiye’s Earthquake Tax has raised (adjusted for inflation) over $36 billion in a fund.

As of writing, there is no strong signal that the Erdoğan regime is using this funding for recovery work. To make a difference, please make a donation to ahbap, the Syrian White Helmets and the Anatolian Arts Institute Earthquake Relief Fund. My friends are also connecting donations through the venmo account @earthquake-relief.


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