SB 902

SB 902

SB 902


“What would Senator Scott Wiener’s SB 902 bill accomplish?”


With the defeat of SB 50 in the California state senate and the advent of the COVID pandemic earlier this year, solutions to the state’s record housing crisis seem ever more out of reach. However, Senator Scott Wiener is back at it again with SB 902. In essence, SB 902 would authorize for local governments to enact “missing middle” zoning or rezoning for upwards of 10-plexes in designated neighborhoods, at a height specified by the local government in the ordinance, if the parcel is located in a transit-rich area, a jobs-rich area, or an urban infill site. Site. This bill would also provide CEQA exemption for such projects. In addition, the bill would allow for upwards of a fourplex to be approved in a low-density zone with by right ministerial approval of the city.

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