On Convergence of Infinite Sums

On Convergence of Infinite Sums

On Convergence of Infinite Sums

Matthew Hanna


“What is so special about infinite sums coming to a specific value?”



We have all seen the classic sum.


Which is often represented as…


We, in our high school careers, have been taught that this sum is 2. This is
most often done so with an algebraic manipulation of both sides of the sum. We
haven’t been taught how to verify this sum. But how would we go about doing
The basic idea is that if I end my sum at nite point, my result will deviate
from the actual sum by some error (which we will call ε. This error is some
positive real number. To verify that this sum indeed approaches 2, it suffices
to show that for any error, there exists a nite point in the series in which the
difference between 2 and this point is less than the error AND all further points
will also be less than the error.

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