Cellulosic Ethanol

Cellulosic Ethanol

Cellulosic Ethanol


“How can we make potentially more sustainable fuels from plants?”


Fuel is the most common energy storage method in the world. Whether it is used in consumer vehicles, aircraft, or submarines, fuel seems to be present. However, the common petroleum or natural-gas derived fuel is quite disastrous for the environment, being one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas generation. So how can we make a cleaner substitute? Well, what if we were to instead make fuel from the stringy-fiber of a plant? This is known as Cellulosic Ethanol and has the potential to be a paradigm shift since it would not compete with existing food crops and does not emit greenhouse gasses. However, if land usage is implemented into the lifecycle analysis, then Cellulosic Ethanol is more destructive due to its intense water and land usage.


Image credit wi-images.condecdn.net

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