Day: January 19, 2018

Battery Powered HVAC for Trucks

Battery Powered HVAC for Trucks

Battery Powered HVAC for Trucks


“How can we increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency with smart HVAC usage?”


In the trucking industry, gas mileage is very important. The less money a fleet manager needs to spend on gas, the more profitable their company will be. However, the human driver also needs to be kept comfortable while at work, which often entails an HVAC system. And if this HVAC system is used, then more gas will be used, meaning the gas mileage will decrease. So how can we use our engineering mindset to solve this problem? Well, we know that what our climate control system really needs is energy. And we know that we can supply energy to appliances using batteries. So what if we were to simply make a Battery Powered HVAC for Trucks? Well, this idea is actually something that is implemented into everyday trucks, due to increases in energy efficiency!