Muscular Hydrostats

Muscular Hydrostats

Muscular Hydrostats


“Why do tongues work?”


One of the most fascinating facets of the human body is the tongue. Its ability to move food around in one’s mouth without any bone structure is quite marvelous. However, how exactly can it do this? Well, let’s use our scientific mindsets to find out. If we analyze our tongues further, we should see that these appendages are in fact in fact constructed of muscular material. Because of this, they have an inherent flexibility where any region of the tongue can lengthen, shorten, twist, or bend at any time, allowing for a wide arrange of movement. These Muscular Hydrostats can be found in many other animals, such as the tentacles of octopi and the Trunks of elephants. Because of their diverse applications in the animal world, engineers are researching how to implement similar materials into robotics systems

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