Bypass Dampers

Bypass Dampers

Bypass Dampers


“How can we relieve excess pressure on HVAC systems?”


Dampers are commonly used in HVAC zoning systems to create multi-zone systems. However, with continued use, a pressure imbalance can grow between the zones, creating numerous issues. So how can we use our engineering mindset to solve this problem? Well, what if we were to implement an extra duct that would connect the zones to one another, and have a damper control air flow between them to equalize the pressure. This system is known as a bypass damper, as has been implemented in homes around the world. However, One of the drawbacks of these systems is that these systems will introduce non-conditioned air into the system, increasing the energy needed for operation and vastly decreasing the efficiency. In fact, these systems are so bad that the U.S state of California has actually banned them!

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