Batch-collector solar water heater

Batch-collector solar water heater

Batch-collector solar water heater


“How can we use the sun to heat our water?”


Obtaining hot water for a house requires a lot of energy, and it is very well known that the sun emits a large amount of energy, so wouldn’t be logical that we could translate this energy into heated water?  Well, as engineers, it’s not enough just to think about a system, we need to implement this system into reality. To start off, we will need a way to hold the water. This can be done with a cylindrical tube. Now, let’s put this tube in a case with a glass roof to allow sunlight to come in and heat the area, a miniature greenhouse so to speak. Next, we will need to fit this tube with inlet and outlet pipes in order to transport the water. For safety precautions, let’s also attach a tempering valve to ensure that the internal temperature does not exceed the operating temperature of the system. It looks like we have just made ourselves what engineers have termed a Batch-collector solar water heater. Batch-collector solar water heaters are a very affordable way to create heated water, but can be very inefficient due to the fact there is no mechanism to ensure long-term heat capacity.

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