Direct Air Capture

Direct Air Capture

Direct Air Capture


“How can we capture carbon dioxide directly from the air?”
There is a global problem. Carbon dioxide emissions from industrialization have polluted the atmosphere to the point where a worldwide rise in temperatures has been induced. However, would it be possible if we could use our engineering mindset to take CO2 out of the atmosphere? Well, let’s start by using a little bit of knowledge of basic science. There are chemicals that are able to capture CO2 through a “sticking” process while leaving other atmospheric molecules such as nitrogen and hydrogen unabated, therefore creating a barrier. And this mechanism can then be heated such that the CO2 molecules are free from the material, allowing new CO2 to come in. So what if we were to take a pool of industrial fans, stack them up in rows and columns, place a CO2 absorbing material behind it and have them suck up all of the air? This method is known as Direct Air Capture and can be used to help in the fight against global warming

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