P and N-type semiconductors

P and N-type semiconductors

N-type semiconductors


“What are the fundamentals of the fundamentals of solar cells?”
Solar cells are one of the most magnificent devices that humanity has conjured. However, what exactly makes them tick? To find out, let’s go take a look. If one were to analyze a solar cell with a magnifying glass so powerful that it could see in the microscopic level then we would find a multitude of small, three terminal devices. These devices are known as Transistors and have very special properties. Specifically, it can work as a switch without moving parts! However, before we understand transistors, we must understand what cause them to work. Half of the composition of transistors are composed of objects known as P-type and N-type semiconductors. P-type semiconductors hold an impurity of boron[B], which holds one less electron than silicon, while N-type semiconductors are  have a small impurity of phosphorous [P], which holds an extra electron than silicon. When combined, these semiconductors will have more mobile charges and can conduct current better.

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