Day: November 23, 2016

Why do rechargeable batteries wear out?

Why do rechargeable batteries wear out?

Why do rechargeable batteries wear out?


“So why do they?”

Rechargeable batteries can be a very worthwhile investment. For just a small amount of money, one can save not only save the environment but also much pain irritation from having to unceasingly find new batteries . However, something one very vexatious impinging factor on their worthwhileness is the fact that rechargeable batteries tend to wear out. Specifically, the more one recharges a battery, the less charge the battery will be able to hold. But why does this happen? Well, it all comes down to a the way that it works. Rechargeable batteries charge by using a transfer of ions through an anode and a cathode to convert active energy into potential energy  . However, this process will wear down the anodes and cathodes over time, leading to a degradation of internal materials which in turn leads to increased inefficiency. Therefore, the more time one charges a battery, the less productive it will be.