Method of sections

Method of sections

Method of sections


“Is there a simpler way to solve truss problems?”


Trusses are one of the most fundamental elements in modern structural engineering. However, performing truss calculations is not only time consuming but can also be quite tiring, especially if we only desire to obtain the values for a few members. So is there a way in which we can simplify truss calculations if we are only focusing on a few parts? Well, let’s think about it. We know that when we work with external forces on trusses, we can solve for them without worrying about the internal forces, thereby allowing us to work with much less equations required. So what if we were to take the forces in the members we need and somehow turn them into external forces? This is the fundamental idea behind a technique known as the method of sections. To implement the methodm all we need to do is to find the members we desire, and then cut the truss through those members so that the internal forces will seem like net forces, and then solve for those members. This drastically reduces the time necessary to solve the problem, and prevents us from making too many absent minded mistakes

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