Cold formed steel

Cold formed steel

Cold formed steel


“Can we ever find a replacement for wood in construction”


Humanity is running into a problem. Wood, one of the most used materials in construction, is being depleted an exponential rate. Sooner or later, we must find a substitute for our needs. But what can possibly replace something as unanimous as wood? Well, luckily for us, engineers have already come up with another innovative solution, cold formed steel. But what exactly makes this material so special? Well, it all has to do with the fabrication process. Most steel is manufacturing using the hot formed procedure, in which the steel geometry is formed by being push baked at high temperatures. However, cold-formed steel gets it’s name due to the fact that is formed at room temperature. This greatly increases the yield strength of cold formed steel, makes it lighter in weight, smoothens its topology, and makes it more precise for detailing. But most importantly, cold formed steel is actually a recyclable material! And not only this, but it is also cheaper than lumber! Add on the fact that with steel you won’t have to worry about termites or rot, ad you’ve got yourself one amazing deal. In summation, cold formed steel is the way of the future, and it holds nearly limitless applications for future construction.

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