Platonic solids

Platonic solids

Platonic solids


“What are some of the most symmetric polyhedra?”


Polyhedra are quite fascinating mathematical objects. Are there any special type of polyhedra that are especially symmetric? Well let’s think about it.We know that polyhedra are constructed by having flat shapes meet at each vertex. What if were to find polyhedra that have an equal number of shapes meet at each vertex? If that happened, then each vertex will have an equal angle, therefore the entire object will be completely symmetric! These solids are classified as the platonic solids, of which there are five of (proven by Euclid): The tetrahedron, the cube, The octahedron, the dodecahedron, and the icosahedron. These shapes can be found everywhere in nature, from the chassis of viruses to the framework of bee hives.

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