Mechatronics engineering

Mechatronics engineering

Mechatronics engineering


“What is the future of engineering?”

Day by day the nature of engineering is changing. It seems that as time goes on, all of the myriad of different disciplines of engineering seem to be coming closer together, almost like how trees that grow near each other slowly but eventually merge. Processes that used to be solely governed one field are now an intersection of many others. For example, automobile transportation used to be completely under the control of mechanical engineers, but with the advent of computer technology, cars now have a multitude of “smart” systems to account for greater control of the vehicle.To account for such change, an entirely new branch of engineering called Mechatronics Engineering has emerged to analyze and explore such intersections. Specifically, mechatronics focuses on the interactions between mechanical, electrical, computational, and control systems. A mechatronics engineer would take their knowledge about these systems and then apply it to create an entirely new machine. Examples of mechatronics technologies include industrial robots, rotary actuators, linear actuators, servos, and regenerative braking systems. The future of mechatronics is quite exciting, as digital systems become ever more integrated with mechanical equivalents.


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