Day: June 15, 2016



Fuses Isaac Gendler


“How can we make sure that too much electrical current does not overwhelm a wire? ”

One of the most devices aspects in modern electronic is that of the Fuse. A circuit breaker fuse ensures that too much current does not flow through a wire. The design of a fuse is very intuitive. First of all, the fuse is in the middle of a conducting wire. The fuse made out of a material that breaks up if a certain amount of current overwhelms the threshold. In case of such an event does happen, the circuit breaker will self-destruct and thereby disconnect the circuit and stop the current. An analogy for circuit breakers would be like a person who witnesses the outflow of spending money from an organization, and immediately stops all transactions if the money flow becomes too high.  Circuit fuses are found all over the world in nearly every environment, as they are a necessity to modern safety systems.