Day: November 6, 2019

Defensible Spaces for Wildfires

Defensible Spaces for Wildfires

Defensible Spaces for Wildfires


“How can we create a defensible space to protect buildings from wildfires?”


Wildfires are becoming a larger and larger problem with the advent of climate change. To prevent further destruction, resilience techniques are being developed for buildings. However, many of these techniques rely upon technical solutions such as solar plus storage which might be expensive or unavailable in the case of a power outage. So how can we think of new, more natural ways to prevent widescale destruction? Well, what if we were to make the area around the building less burnable? We can accomplish this by making trees far apart from each other, using rock and water landscape space, and planting flame-resistant grass and plants. This Defensible Spaces for Wildfires is an excellent passive resilience strategy that can be implemented in a simple and affordable manner.

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